dimanche 2 août 2015

pot pourri N188

Dragos Syko :

Brad Rowe :

Dorian Yates :

Stepan Pereverzev :

Mark Dugdale :

Jay Cutler :

Gabe Johansen :

Ilario Rongioletti :

Cody Montgomery :

Callum Norton :

Tom Coleman :

Steve Cook :

James Ellis :

Jonny Reid :

Les inconnus :

A droite, Ramses Rams

Joss Mooney

Sergio Garcia
Hannes Wengle
Akin Yarici

Sascha Zalman

Tim Bias et Dane Tufford

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  2. in this pic http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-s4QiTOZmt0s/Vb28niZKBQI/AAAAAAAA7K8/Opzx0zZuuxc/s1600/1387477662_danica-patrick-zoom.jpg on the left side of the woman is Jeff Long, and on the right is Brad Rowe and on his right is Silvio Kirsten (AKA Chris Wide)

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